Film and television music composer.  Songwriter and music producer. 


  He started his musical education at the age of nine. For the following eight years he studied under the tutorship of Prof. Bożena Czaplińska and Prof. Teresa Manasterska from the Music Academy of Fr. Chopin in Warsaw. Additionally he was a student in a class of piano improvisation under Prof. Szabolcs Esztenyi (Academy of Music in Warsaw).  


  In 2009 he composed music for polish-czech drama Hel directed by Kinga Dębska. He has scored a few documentary films (i.a. award-winning Ala z elementarza) and many animated films (mainly produced for Hallmark UK and First Channel of Polish Television - TVP1).


  In 2012 he became the main composer for the most popular polish weekly tv series Na dobre i na złe (medical tv drama series).  For the last few years he has cooperated with musical theatres (such as  Warsaw Rampa Theatre) as an arranger and composer. He wrote music for musicals: The Little Prince , The Stranger, new adaptation of Never Ending Story, White Swans, In The Shadow, Oliver Twist and C.A.S.T.I.N.G.  


  He's an experienced arranger, pianist and orchestrator  who have worked with live ensembles, choirs (Sienna Gospel Choir and many other gospel artists, such as Karen Gibson, Norris Garner, Noel Robinson and Gerald T. Smith)  and symphonic orchestras (Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, L'Autunno Symphonic Orchestra and the oldest polish symphonic orchestra "Namysłowiacy Symphony Orchestra").


  His music combines elements from many different musical genres (including classical, electronic, jazz, ambient, ethnic, pop and contemporary music). He's also known as a songwriter and song producer (MASHMISH LP - Universal Music Poland, LemON -  EMI Music Poland, Natalia Lesz, Kasia Wilk, Aga Dyk, Ralph Kaminski, Igor Herbut).


  One of ten finalists of the International FIlm Music Competition Transatlantyk 2015 (jury included: Oscar-winning film music composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and Oscar nominated composer John Debney) and 3rd award winner in 2016 (jury included: Golden Globe Winner Daniel Pemberton, Roque Banos). Double finalist in the 2014 UK Songwriting Contest and finalist in  2014 International Songwriting Competition.

  He was also a finalist in the second polish edition of Must Be The Music talent show (duo MASHMISH). 

  In 2018 he became finalist in the international songwriting competition (ScreenShot category).


   Music director of Must Be The Music 10 and SuperKid Poland(Polsat) tv talent shows.

   He also composes music for commercials (including such brands as Nestle Lion, DPD, Isover).